Good theater has become increasingly expensive making live theater readily available only to a certain economic class. Frustrated by this trend, not to mention our own inability to afford theater tickets, the founders of Affordable Theater banded together to create a theater for the common man. Since we charge little, or in many cases nothing, for admittance we are succeeding in delivering great live theater at reasonable prices.

Beginning as a group of actors performing modified works of Shakespeare at a variety of events sponsored by educational non-profit groups, Affordable Theater officially incorporated in 2002 and received its 501(c)(3) classification in early 2003.

We quickly realized that a large part of bringing theater to the community was bringing theater to the schools. With that in mind, we developed Sarah's Troupe, a performance company that could appear in a variety of spaces: from classrooms to auditoriums to open fields. Sarah’s Troupe’s flexibility makes it a viable option for both traditional and non-traditional schools. Fittingly, our first performance as Affordable Theater, Inc. was Shakespeare 101: An Introduction for the Horizons Home Study program.

Since ATI began we have grown from performing just once in our first year, to performing a dozen shows a year, including one exciting week when we performed two different shows just seven days apart. Sarah's Troupe performed at five different schools in 2004, and has been contacted again by every one. Currently our main growth interest lies in finding a permanent home. This will allow us to begin mainstage productions, which have always been at the core of ATI's plan. A home will also allow us to increase our workshops, our storage space, and our rehearsal time.