Sarah's Troupe is dedicated to bringing live theater back into schools. The gradual erosion of scholastic arts programs began almost two decades ago, producing a generation that struggles to appreciate theater. As this generation contemplates the education of their own children, they recognize the damage done by that loss. This has led to a rising worry among parents that their children are missing a vital part of their education, but no actual solutions, since the current budget crisis does not allow for the rebuilding of the arts departments. Sarahís Troupe seeks to alleviate the effects of this erosion without placing additional financial burdens upon the schools by providing free educational theater to everyone.

Bringing Sarah's Troupe to your school is a simple process. Send us an email with your school's name, a contact name and email/phone number, the show you are interested in, and the date of the performance. Shows are scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance of the performance date. If you are interested in a new show, send us the same information, and a description of what you are looking for; we will contact you shortly.

Current selections (with suggested age groups) include:

Shakespeare 101: An Introduction (Grades 5-12)
Shakespeare can be daunting, especially for those meeting him for the first time. Covering comedies, tragedies, and sonnets, we provide an easy introduction to the Bardís works. Let us know in advance, and we will include a scene from the work you are currently studying.

He's Still Here: Shakespeare's Influence On Modern Theater (Grades 7-12)
From Star Trek to Tom Stoppard the words of Shakespeare continue to affect the things we see and say in modern life. Books, television, and movies constantly recycle plots, and Sting hides a line in every album. Shakespeare is everywhere, and this show teaches students how to see it.

The Storyteller Series (Grades 2-5)
Myths, Legends, Fables, and Fairy Tales combine to give us most of our verbal histories. The Storyteller Series gives students a brief introduction to each, and then entertains them with examples of the archetype.
The Moral of the Story
Based on the fables of Aesop and Remus, this show uses familiar characters to teach familiar lessons. Children will follow the tortoise and the hare on their amazing race and will learn from the characters they meet along the way.

Future offerings...
As Legend Has It
Once Upon A Time
Of Mythic Proportions
Aeschylus, Sophocles, & Euripides: It's All Greek To Me (Grades 9-12)
Theater as we know it began in Greece. Though much has changed since then, the classical tragedies still have the power to move modern audiences. Today the study of ancient theater has fallen out of favor, but an understanding of the classics will give your students a much better appreciation of all theater.

A Brief History of Theater (Grades 7-12)
It began with the likes of Oedipus in Epidarus and continues today with The Lion King on Broadway. Theater moves with the times, yet in many ways it remains the same: stage, actors, audience. In this show we follow the development of theater from its ancient origins to its current incarnation.

If none of these fit your needs, contact us regarding projects currently in development, or a program custom tailored for your specific needs.

Bring Sarah's Troupe to your school.